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Omni Deck by Danny Korem & Jerry Andrus
From the fertile mind of Jerry Andrus and Danny Korem comes this Ambitious Card routine with a surprise ending!
A signed card is placed in the center of a deck. With a snap of the fingers, the card appears magically on top of the deck! This is done without any cuts or shuffles. It just magically appears!
The effect is repeated two more times, then the deck is placed in the spectator's hands. The signed card is placed in a pocket. Another snap of the fingers and the signed card appears back on top of the deck! Explain that it really should be easy to see through this trick because the deck is not a deck at all, but a block of plastic! As they are holding the deck, it changes to a SOLID BLOCK OF CLEAR PLASTIC!
• Original from Palmer Magic.
• No reset, it's always ready to do. 
• Comes with full instructions, routines and the special precision-made clear plastic deck (for poker size cards).
• Omni Deck is really easy to do. It requires virtually no sleight of hand; you will learn the routine in 10 minutes.


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