Mobile Printer by Joker Magic

Mobile Printer by Joker Magic

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From completely blank cards the magician produces regular cards within seconds by using his mobile phone! 
“Have you seen this? This is the hottest thing! The new Mobile Printer. It works on any mobile!”
The magician shows the screen of his mobile phone, which has a printer's buttons on it.
“Without any noise it can print on any paper in photo quality.”
The magician shows four white cards.
“I just press the PRINT button and it prints on one card's back. If I press another white card to the printed card, the paint will color that card as well."
Now the spectators see two colored backs.
“If I press the FAST PRINT button, all the cards will have their backs printed.”
Now all the cards' backs are shown and they all have their backs colored.
“If I print too fast, the paint can be blurred.”
He puts a faulty card into his pocket.
“If I press the CORRECT button, the printer gives me a new paper.”
A white card appears between the backs.
“If I press the DOUBLE SIDE button, then all the cards will have faces too!”
All the cards are shown and they have faces now!
• This is a funny trick with an easy routine! 
• It works with any mobile or tablet devices! With Bicycle cards.


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