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Crazy Sam's Mind by Sam Huang

Crazy Sam's Mind by Sam Huang

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Unleash the telekinesis of your mind.

"I believe Crazy Sam’s Mind deserves the title of Trick of the Year, for its feat of crushing a potato chip on the audience's hand, almost as if you possess telekinetic abilities. The only downside? It requires practice. But mastering it transforms you into a modern wizard."  - Hanson Chien

You start by putting a playing card in your hand and flicking it from a distance with just your finger. Next, you place a pair of glasses on the table and, with your hands beside them, they suddenly spring up. Finally, you ask an audience member to put a potato chip in their hand, and using telekinesis, you crush it from a distance.

The props we include, with their size, as well as their color, appear the most invisible. We tried many different materials and are confident they are the best props for this trick.

In the past, telekinetic effects mainly relied on threads or magnets for object manipulation. However, neither method could achieve the distant crushing of a potato chip. Crazy Sam's Mind now offers fresh avenues for these effects, sure to delight telekinetic enthusiasts.

This trick isn't just one effect; it's an invisible force applicable to many magic tricks. It lets you instantly create an unseen impact in the air. Sam will guide you through this system from basics to advanced techniques, including various applications like transforming and making items disappear. The possibilities are endless!

- Setup is quick.
- Potato chips are edible.
- Audience will be amazed by you.
- No worries about lighting conditions.
- What you see on the trailer is how it looks LIVE.
- Product includes instructions and necessary props.

- Running time: 58 mins.
- HD video shot in Taiwan.
- Language: English, Chinese.
- Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese.


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