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Toon Balloon by Gustavo Raley

Toon Balloon by Gustavo Raley

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Αγοράζοντας αυτό το προϊόν μπορείτε να μαζέψετε μέχρι και 7 πόντοι επιβράβευσης. Το καλάθι σου θα είναι συνολικά 7 πόντοι επιβράβευσης που μπορούν να μετασχηματιστούν σε κουπόνι αξίας 0,70 €.

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With Toon Balloon, you can make a balloon sing songs, even perform Happy Birthday to honor someone special. If you practice ventriloquism, this effect can be ideal to complement your routines. You may also combile it with other magic effects.

It's important to note that the balloons and their supports are compoletly normal and can be purchased at any party store.

Imagine all the creative possibilities you can explore with it!

The set includes all the necessary elements to perform. Additionally it comes with a detailed video tutorial that explans the necessary techniques and various routines for your shows.

"One of the 10 best tricks of the Blackpool Magic convention 2024" - Craig Petty's Magic TV.

"A highlight for me at the Blackpool magic convention 2024" - Paul Romhany, Vanish Magazine.

"Memorable! Cute and suitable for family performance" - Mirko Callaci.

"There is no magic more impressive that giving life to an object, Gustavo did it again" - Adolfo, Makers.

"Gustavo is a genius! As soon as I saw Tonn Balloon I said: WOW!!! This is a big hit!!!" - George Igleasis, Twister Magic.

"Gustavo achieves what all of us magicians want, invent genius. With Toon Balloon he did it again." - Agustin Aristaran, Soy Rada.

"Toon Balloon aims to be one of the best Magic tricks of the year" - German Arciniegas, Pastomagic Magazine.


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