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Matching ESP Card

Matching ESP Card

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Αγοράζοντας αυτό το προϊόν μπορείτε να μαζέψετε μέχρι και 2 πόντοι επιβράβευσης. Το καλάθι σου θα είναι συνολικά 2 πόντοι επιβράβευσης που μπορούν να μετασχηματιστούν σε κουπόνι αξίας 0,20 €.

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Performer shows five jumbo size cards, with a different colour ESP symbol of each card.
He mixes the cards and puts them inside five envelopes, so that the spectetors cannot keep track of which one goes where.
He also shows five regular size cards with identical ESP symbols on them. He mixes these cards too and puts them inside the five envelopes with the jumbo cards according to the free choice of a spectator.

When he removes the jumbo and regular size cards from the envelopes, the symbol of every pair matches!


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