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Dizzy Dots by Per Eklund

Dizzy Dots by Per Eklund

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Swedish Per Eklund is the brain behind this interesting and colorful twist on a classic in magic. First you fool the eye – then you fool the brain.

You show a large jumbo card to the audience. The card has one dot on one side and four dots on the other. When you turn the card over again the audience can see three dots. Turn it over again and they see six dots!

You now give your audience an aha moment, when you explain how the trick works. By simply covering some dots with your fingers and not covering others. That creates the optical illusion that the dots disappear and multiplies.

But just when your audience thinks they know it all, you hit them with an unexpected surprise, as suddenly the dots change color on both sides!

This effect is known by various names, for example What´s Next, Dizzy Domino and Crazy Dots. With Per Eklund’s DIZZY DOTS you use the same moves as in the other versions but it ends differently. It can be performed in a parlor setting, at smaller stages or even on Zoom/Teams/Skype/Facetime. It is one of those rare effects in magic that works both for kids as well as for an adult audience.

Perfectly produced, solid and with a smooth operation. The card measures 24 x 16 cm. and is self-contained. Easy to perform and instantly entertaining!


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