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Sitta Instant Blendo

Sitta Instant Blendo

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Αγοράζοντας αυτό το προϊόν μπορείτε να μαζέψετε μέχρι και 3 πόντοι επιβράβευσης. Το καλάθι σου θα είναι συνολικά 3 πόντοι επιβράβευσης που μπορούν να μετασχηματιστούν σε κουπόνι αξίας 0,30 €.

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Sitta original version: Three silks are shown separately one by one, thrown into the air and instantly turn into a big silk with three colors fused together!

Simplified version with change bag: The magician shows 3 silks of different colors and magically changes them into a large multicolored silk. The audience will think you've managed to "melt" the silk into a fantastic blendo!

Effect 2 with change bag: The magician shows a large silk with three colors and magically changes it into small silks. The audience will believe that you have managed to "split" the large scarf into 3 small ones!

• 100% pure silk.
• It is an original Sitta product and the quality is excellent.
• In the package you will find everything you need to be able to present the original version of Sitta described above. The exchange bag, on the other hand, is not supplied but can be purchased separately.
• The silks needed for the effect are supplied: the special 80 cm blendo and the 2 colored 30 cm scarves. A third 30 cm red scarf is also supplied, useful for those wishing to present the effect using the change bag.

NOTE: The video shows the simplified effect with the change bag (not supplied).


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