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Bicycle - Mind Deck by Vincenzo Di Fatta

Bicycle - Mind Deck by Vincenzo Di Fatta

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The idea for this fantastic deck is of Vincenzo Di Fatta who for its creation drew inspiration from the Super Mentalism deck of the great Italian magician Tony Binarelli. The magician shows a deck of playing cards and asks a spectator to select one. The card is casually placed back in the deck which is then shuffled. The cards are then fanned towards another spectator who is asked to free his mind, concentrate, and to try and read the mind of the first spectator and guess the chosen card. Unexplainably, just like a real “Psychic”, the second spectator will manage to correctly name the selected card! Change any spectator into… a mind reader! A new diabolical method: • No force (any of the 52 cards can be selected) • Immediately repeatable • No electronics, no magnets, no stooges • More than one card at a time can be “telepathically” perceived • Easy to do, no difficult slights. • Only one deck is used • The deck can be shown before and after the effect • The deck is custom produced with Bicycle cards from the USPCC


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