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SiriX Pro by Hanson Chien

SiriX Pro by Hanson Chien

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"SiriX Pro" is based on "SiriX”, created by Mariano Goni and Mago Murphy from Spain in 2019. With the SiriX Pro you can make your phone vanish with no cover.

This new version includes some special features. First, you can show its camera before the phone vanishes.Second, the case looks as same as the case after putting the SiriX gimmick inside. Third, you can not only make a phone vanish, but make it change into a transparent phone.

This trick is good for close-up performance and parlor show. We also include Mariano Goni’s pickpocket routine. In addition to vanishing a phone, you can put any bill inside the case and make it vanish.

Learn multiple routines and applications taught step-by-step in 40 minutes of crystal-clear online instruction by Hanson Chien.

Grab yours now before it vanishes!

NOTE: SiriX Pro is available in one size-5.8 Inch, but you don’t need a matching phone to perform these effects, because we include everything you need.

- A Phone Case For iPhone Xs & iPhone X.
- SiriX Gimmick. The same size as iPhone 11 Pro, Xs, X.
- Decoy Camera (Black & White). Now you can show its camera before the phone vanishes.
- Decoy Phone (5.8 Inch). A simulation phone for performers who have a different size smartphone.
- Clear Phone (5.8 Inch). You can not only make a phone vanish, but make it change into a clear phone.

"I believe SiriX Pro is the one of the best vanishing phone effects in the market." - Hanson Chien ​

"This trick is already in my pickpocket show! It's a gem!" - Hector Mancha

"It's simple, practical and ingenious! An effect you will perform every day and gets strong audience reactions!" - Jorge Blass

"One of my favorite effects to carry around. I use it for street magic and in my professional show. It has incredible uses on pickpocket routines!" - Shado El Mago

"I have been looking for something like this for years! This is the definitive solution, look no further!" - Julio Montoro


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