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L Dimension by Magicat

L Dimension by Magicat

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You don't have to use thread for levitation magic anymore.

You don't have to worry about trick exposure with levitating magic anymore.

Korean magic company "Magicat" launched a new product in 2021 is Dimension L!

With a very simple system, you can show awesome visual effects!

The main effect is levitating the light; besides you can take out a wand from the light in the midair, the light in the midair turns into a Wand, Double Wand sequence with light, the light in the midair disappears with the confetti, take out the silk from the light in the midair.

You can learn five creative sequences.

5 Sequence
- Polaris (trendy light floating).
- Libra (wand from inside the levitating light).
- Gemini (double wand sequence with special light effect).
- Meteor Shower (levitating light vanish with confetti).
- Worm Hole (silk from inside the levitating light).

- Main body (light gimmick).
- White magnetic wand.
- White flat wand.
- New arm band with dual magnet.
- 2 silk bases. Small for diamond silk. Large for 18-inch silk.
- Diamond Silk.

- Made by Magicat Communication (South Korea) Company.
- Created by Lee Myung Joon (Magicat Joon).
- Manufactured by JL Magic.
- QR code is provided to learn basic usage and sequence.
- No using thread.
- No include smoke device.


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