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PITATA Smart Whiteboard

PITATA Smart WhiteBoard

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Simply put, this is the best live peek device we’ve ever seen.

Mentalists around the world have dedicated endless years seeking out the best way to secretly gain information from an audience. While these peeks have always been a core technique of modern mentalism, the birth of synchronous electronic devices changed them forever. The “Smart Whiteboard” is the pinnacle of that revolution.

At its core, the “Smart Whiteboard” by PITATA Magic allows you to automatically (and secretly) know anything that is written down by a spectator. However, there is so much more to it.

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Every single detail, from the connectability and functionality, to the weight, durability and design, has been carefully developed to ensure it’s the perfect companion for serious magicians and mentalists. All at an affordable price compared to other similar products.

Unassuming Design

The “Smart Whiteboard” has been designed from the ground-up with a minimalist look that is identical to a whiteboard you’d find in any store. Using a premium open mold injection process instead of lower-cost 3D printing, both the whiteboard and the marker look and feel identical to normal whiteboards and markers. Simply put, these do not look anything like magic props. Your audience will never suspect a thing.

Innovative Technology

You can get the live peek from a companion iOS or Android app (included in the price with no in-app purchases, or subscriptions), or it will broadcast what is written to a bluetooth earpiece—this text to voice currently works in English and Mandarin (additional languages may be added later). It will work with both iPhone and Apple Watch, as well as Android phones.

features of PITATA Smart Whiteboard

Offline Functionality

This electronic sketchpad also offers helpful offline functionality. It will store the written information and then display it again the next time your phone is connected. In addition to extra convenience, this feature allows you to perform without having to fear a lost connection ruining the performance.

Key Details

  • Whiteboard Size - 26.3cm x 18.2cm x 0.8cm (10.4in x 7.2in x 0.3in) | 298g (10.5oz)
  • Pen Size - 15.2cm x 1.6 cm (6in x 0.6in) | 18g (0.6oz)
  • Built-in magnetic control switch & wireless charging.
  • Whiteboard Battery Life - ~12 hours
  • Pen Battery Life - ~15 hours
  • Signal Connection Distance - Up to 12m (~40 ft)
  • Apple & Android compatibility


  • 1x PITATA Smart WhiteBoard
  • 1x PITATA Smart Whiteboard Marker Pen
  • PITATA App
  • Complete instructions
  • 1 year warranty
  • Custom carry bag

Smart Whiteboard only. Ink is NOT included and will need to be purchased separately. Other products in the PITATA ecosystem, like the "PITATA UTP-Time Hacker" (a clock that automatically changes to a written time) shown in the trailer video, are not included.

The 12 month warranty is also handled by PITATA Magic. Warranty claims must be made directly with them at

PITATA Smart WhiteBoard


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