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Tenyo T-186 Anti Gravity Rock

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Tenyo T-186 Anti Gravity Rock
Lubor Fiedler

Examinable : No / Non

Result of the visitors' rating / Résultat du sondage :
Effect : 14,6/20
Design : 13,6/20
Quality and finish : Average / Moyenne

Discontinued / Production terminée 

You place a rock onto a frame which contains a design. When you concentrate... The rock slowly floats into the air. Even when the frame is moved about, the rock remains floating in the exact same spot. You can also make a clear figurine and a coin float.

Development story:
When Lubor Fiedler obtained the right materials, he discovered the theme and method for making a rock float. Many creators would normally stop right there. However, as those of you who own this item are already aware, this idea does not hold much conviction if the rock simply appears to be floating. In the same manner that a stage illusion was created to allow a metal ring to be passed around a floating lady, proving that she is really suspended in space, Lubor created a method to prove that there is nothing supporting the floating rock.

During the presentation of its latest products at the Tokyo Toy Fair in 1998, the version of Anti Gravity Rock contained a dark blue figurine depicting a Buddah. This accessory was finally removed from the final retail version and replaced by clear plastic miniature assistant . This Buddah was used to give a more spiritual meaning to all, but especially to make the levitation of the rock even more dramatic, the public having a point of comparison between the object that floats and one that stays on the ground. A photo is available here on the site Tenyoworld. Lubor Fiedler also appears on the cover of the 1999 February edition of Genii Magazine  and inside there is an article about his astounding Anti Gravity Rock. Know that if you take out a Genii subscription now you'll access to 74 years of Genii’s back issues, including this one with Lubor Fiedler.

Tips from Glenn Duncan Canada):
A quick performance tip for you 'Anti-Gravity Rock' presenters. Pre-mount the base on a slightly larger board so that there is an extra 2 inches or so all around. Now you can perform without the "sticky issue" ans everything is already centered. It eliminates the take-away problem at the end too. Now all is truly portable.


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