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Bicycle Marked Deck - Blue back

Bicycle Marked Deck - Red back

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The most clearly marked deck in the world, and affordable BY DESIGN so you can treat them like NORMAL CARDS.

Are you looking for a marked deck, but  don't know which one to choose? These awesome Bicycle cards are the perfect ones for you!

The marks are definitely evident, but ONLY for those who know where to look. In addition, the deck is "reader", that is to say that signs must NOT be interpreted, but are simple numbers and suits clearly written but cleverly hidden on the back of the cards. And finally, and NOT to be underestimated, the price for this wonder is really low!

What more do you want ?! Don't miss it!

- Printed by USPCC. 
- Factory sealed.
- Air cushion finish.
- No bothersome sticky seal.
- Bicycle Maiden Backs.
- Two standard jokers, a card that clearly explains the markings, and a double back card are also included.

Bicycle Marked Deck - Glance Edition


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