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C-LIFE by Jerome Sauloup

C-LIFE by Jerome Sauloup

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Jerome Sauloup, the creator of the bestsellers "Choice" and "Switch Cup", returns with a poetic, visual and very easy to do trick: "C-Life".

Goldfish appearances have always been a magical and memorable moment for spectators. However, many parameters make them complicated to set up: gimmick to have on you, fish in a very small space, often with little water and probably a few seconds or minutes of waiting much too long for your little assistant!

Jérôme Sauloup thought about all these constraints and C-LIFE was born! His genius was put to the service of the comfort of execution as much for the magician as for the fish! The performance is so easy that you will only concentrate on the presentation and the aesthetics of the trick.

Imagine, a glass is shown empty on the table, you put a scarf over it and in a fraction of a second, a fish is now in the glass. Even better, the glass can be given to the spectators to verify that there is nothing in it but the fish! You show your empty hands every time and grab a totally normal prop. A real miracle!

The gimmick provided in C-Life can be adapted to many objects: scarf (even transparent!), fan, iPad, restaurant menu, flag, slate, etc. So you can present the appearance of the fish as you wish and theme your act as much as you like.

You receive: 
- The polycarbonate glass, very resistant and with a glass look.
- The gimmicks.
- The scarf.

Strong points:
- Can be used with many objects.
- The fish is not mistreated with C-Life.
- Very visual.
- Easy to do.
- Although it can be done in close-up, this trick is intended for the living room and the stage.
- Very resistant glass.


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