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Butterfly Playing Cards Black - Silver (ΣΗΜΑΔΕΜΕΝΗ)

Butterfly Playing Cards Black - Gold (ΣΗΜΑΔΕΜΕΝΗ)

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This Deck Is STUNNING! Butterfly Playing Cards Black - Ondrej Psenicka

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Butterfly Playing Cards are back, combining the highest manufacturing quality with the pinnacle of luxurious design.

"Hello, My name is Ondrej Psenicka. I am from the Czech Republic and I've been doing magic for over 20 years, the past eight of which I spent developing a very special deck of playing cards.
The original Butterfly Playing Cards (Red and Blue) were created back in December 2016 with a crowdfunding campaign which raised $59,097 and sold 14,000 decks.
The second (privately-funded) edition which was released a year later, together with the selling of refill decks, took that figure up to 30,000. 
And now I have something truly wonderful for you."

Stunning design 
The Butterfly Playing Cards Black series design is based on the original artwork by magician and artist Stefan Eriksson.
New materials and special effects give these luxurious Black editions a sense of glamor and sumptuousness that will ease effortlessly into your home or office decor. 
In the Butterfly Playing Cards, you’ll find the familiarity of your favorite US card faces, mixed with a unique shimmering detail on the court, joker, and ace cards. 
Nothing short of stunning, all court faces are graced with gold or silver foil detail, adding a sense of regality to their presence. 
The aces reflect their gorgeous back design, and the master of them all, the ace of spades, presides over them, glistening in golden/silver understated elegance.


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