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Sonic Dice by Hanson Chien

Sonic Dice by Hanson Chien

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"I remember having great fun with Tenyo’s Flash Dice when I first began to learn magic. Sonic Dice is so much more than that." - Hanson Chien

Imagine being able to control a roll of the dice at the speed of sound. This is SONIC DICE.

Here is a summary of the effect:
Step One - Five dice are placed into a transparent box at random and covered with a tube and shaken.
Step Two - When the tube is removed, all the dice in the box show the same number.
Step Three - Repeat the first two steps, but without any cover.

It becomes more and more unbelievable for the spectators. It also has the following features:

- It can be carried in your pocket.
- It can be examinable.
- It can be repeated.

SONIC DICE comes with everything you need to perform this visual miracle.
The video instructions have English subtitles, which can be translated instantly, and are easy to follow thanks to the video images.


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