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Sin City Playing Cards - Las Vegas

Sin City Playing Cards - Las Vegas

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Welcome all to the city that never sleeps, the city of thousands of lights and millions of fates, the place of endless thrill and bottomless pockets, the fabulous Las Vegas. Let us dazzle you by the new deck inspired by its luxurious world. The designer Alba Zapata invites you into the decadent realm of fancy cocktails, smoky rooms, and sultry jazz music. Welcome to Sin City.

The atmosphere of the shiny city that comes alive by night is obvious right from the box. The premium black paper with a matte finish and hot-stamped gold and red foil patterns evoke a starry evening, the perfect time to head out into the streets and let yourself get lost in the whirlwind of bars and casinos.

The front of the box features large red letters saying “Sin City” placed in the middle of a golden diamond, while the back and the sides are completely covered in a symmetrical design, which is repeated throughout the whole deck.
In Vegas, the inside of the locales is just as blinding as the outside. The Sin City follows the same philosophy, as the inside of the box is adorned with intricate art-deco patterns with Gold Foil.

Following the design of the box, the backs of the cards boast a red-and-gold pattern similar to the one from the top of the box, made up of two adjoining roulette wheels lined by diamonds, liquor glasses, and other quintessential Las Vegas elements.
The roulette wheels form the number 8, which is a reference to 888, the angel number. The sides of the cards express the main message “welcome to the show”.


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