Breath by Peter Eggink

Breath by Peter Eggink

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BREATH by Peter Eggink is yet again an AMAZING piece of visual magic AND also the PERFECT ICEBREAKER! 
You can be the hero of the party and blow them away with BREATH. 
Lots of (starting) magicians say it is hard to walk up to a perfect stranger and begin performing magic. Well guys... this trick is perfect! 
- The best way to start is when they don't expect a magic trick... 
Imagine you are in a bar, a restaurant, at a party or just somewhere. You apologize, because you are chewing on some gum. "Hold on," you say, and reach into your pocket to get the blister package. Hold it out with your arm stretched and now you VISUALLY SPIT the gum BACK INTO the BLISTER! 
"Wait ... WHAT...??" - Those are the reactions you can expect when you show them BREATH! 
Again, the perfect icebreaker and after they ask you how you did it, well... just show them another trick and they'll understand your magic powers... 
But you are NOT LIMITED to gum. You can also tear of a piece of a playing card or use the corner of a bill to spit into the blister. 
Did we mention you can show front and back AND take out the gum (or bill or piece of card)? Oh, and by the way... if you want, you can give the gum as a souvenir? (Ok, maybe that's not a good idea!) 
As a bonus, we will also teach you how you can let the piece VISUALLY JUMP inside the blister. 
BREATH is super easy and FUN to perform, the reactions are Amazing so... "BLOW THEM AWAY".
BREATH: the classic Coin Bite reimagined.
• The instructions are supplied through a practical download link. They are in English, but easily understandable by anybody thanks to the clear video.
• You will receive the special materials needed and a READY-TO-GO practice pack. There are some arts and crafts involved if you really like this trick, because your practice pack must be replaced from time to time. But believe us, making a new gimmick will take no more than five minutes of your time and is super easy!


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