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Plastic Egg

Plastic Egg

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Here is a very useful accessory: a nice quality plastic egg , with a good grip (it’s not  slippery), and light weight.
- The egg can be great for the "Egg Bag" routine. Weighing less than the traditional wooden egg, according to the need or routine, you can more easily  make its presence completely unnoticed when it is in the bag.
- It is a great production item as making an unusual object like an egg appear  always  tears a laugh. Imagine the comedy effect of producing many eggs one after the other!
- You can draw a circle on the egg (with the aid of a coin and a fine-tipped felt tip pen) and then with a cutter you can cut the hole out . Just smooth the hole with a little fine sandpaper and you are ready to use it for the silk to egg routine .


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