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Anthony Blake - Blake Close-Up Mentalism

Anthony Blake - Blake Close-Up Mentalism

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Closeup mentalism, Anthony Blake takes the most impacting mentlism effects, to the closeup magic (and parlour).
DVD 1 - Two Masterclass
If anything, Anthony Blake points out, it is in hisgreat management of two of the most used techniques in his shows: The Swami Gimmick and the Center Tear. Blake offers us a fascinating Master Class on each one of them.
DVD 2 & 3 - Tricks
Some of the classic effects on mentalism, in version of Blake. Each effect, explained in full detail, he will not only focus on the presentation, but also show us new techniques that we can do in many other routines. It is worth mentioning the master class that Blake covers about billet switches in the explanation of the effect "Two Papaers and a Spectator".
Tricks that yu can find in this work:
- Odors and Flavors.
- Two Papers and a Spectator.
- Questions and Answers.
- Symbooktest.
- Book Test.
- The Credit Car.
- X-Ray Vision.
- Zenner Experience.
- Coincidences and Spoon Blend Routine.
Technoques that you can find in this work:
- Peeks.
- Spoon Bending Techniques.
- X-Ray Vision Techinique.
- Billet Switches.
- Center Tears.
- Handling of Swami Gimmick and some Techniques with Cards.
"I've always felt that my good friend Anthony Blake ranks among the finest mentalists in the world. If you have a chance to see him, take it" - Bob Cassidy
• Total Running Time 4h40m. 3 Discs.
• Subtitles in 2 Languages Espanol and English.


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