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Tunnel (DVD and Gimmicks) by Ninh and SansMinds Creative Lab

Tunnel (DVD and Gimmicks) by Ninh and SansMinds Creative Lab

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Αγοράζοντας αυτό το προϊόν μπορείτε να μαζέψετε μέχρι και 2 πόντοι επιβράβευσης. Το καλάθι σου θα είναι συνολικά 2 πόντοι επιβράβευσης που μπορούν να μετασχηματιστούν σε κουπόνι αξίας 0,20 €.

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Visual, Mysterious, and Completely Impossible! 

For years, magicians have been using props such as boxes on stage to create illusions to fool the human mind. While it is a classic setup, lugging around boxes isn't really appropriate for the strolling magician. Well, now we have something equally amazing that fits right in your pocket! 

From the mind of Ninh, we at SansMinds are proud to introduce this illusion that is sure to blow your audience away. 

This is Tunnel

An illusion utilizing a mysterious black envelope, and 2 signed bills. The two bills rest inside the envelope, with their ends visible. Have your audience members each hold one end of the bills, and in the blink of an eye, you will make the 2 bills switch positions in the spectators' hands. 

Audiences freak out immediately, as they were holding the bills themselves. Impossible! 

An illusion that is sure to impress any audience, and will leave behind an aura of mystery with it. 

Grab Tunnel today! 

What's in the Box? 

1 Tunnel Instructional DVD 
1 Gimmick Envelope Set 

TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds Magic for TV rights.


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