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Magic of the Blocks

Magic of the Blocks

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The magician shows a frame that encloses a rectangle made from various blocks of different shapes. The blocks fit perfectly in the frame. He takes the frame away, mixes up the blocks and then makes up a rectangle with them once again. He then takes another block from his pocket, and adds it inside the rectangle... and then also a second block out of his pocket and adds it inside the rectangle.
To finish, he picks up the frame and puts it on the new rectangle just formed. Despite the magician added to extra blocks, the frame magically still fits perfectly (as before) on the rectangle proving it is surprisingly exactly the same size as before.
• The effect is really extraordinary, and very easy to do.
• The frame measures cm 17 x 14 (6,7" x 5,5"). The blocks are cm 1,4 (0,55") thick.


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