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Tattoo Tale - Mike Bent

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--Blaine Watch--
db.jpgOn David Blaine's Magic Man TV Special, he makes a spectator's finds a spectator's selected card tattooed on his arm.  This effect can be replicated with Mike Bent's Tattoo Tale.db.jpg

A volunteer selects a card and you announce that you have a tattoo on your arm. You ask the spectator, "If your card is tattooed on my arm, wouldn't that be amazing?" You then roll up your sleeve to show the words "Your Card" tattooed on your arm! After the laughs have died down you push up your sleeve a bit more and the spectator's card is tatooed in full color on your arm!

  • Easy To Do!
  • Removable Tattoos Included!
  • Each Lasts for Days!


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Tattoo Tale - Mike Bent

Tattoo Tale - Mike Bent

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