I Knew It All The Time by Paul Green n Μεγαλύτερη προβολή

I Knew It All The Time by Paul Green n

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I Knew It All The Time by Paul Green 

The magician explains that it is easy to fool people with his card tricks because the cards are so small. 
He offers to do a trick that everyone can follow and proceeds to produce a JUMBO card from his pocket. 
After a card is selected, he turns over the jumbo card and reveals a duplicate card. 
He offers to repeat the same trick and produces a second jumbo card from his pocket. This time, the magician gets into trouble, or so the spectators think, and again reveals the desired results. 
Finally, he offers to do the trick a third time without resorting to the regular cards. 
The magician produces a third jumbo card and asks that a number of spectators decide upon a final card. 
Turning over the jumbo card, the magician is once again victorious. 
To further prove he knew what the final card would be, he produces t he chosen card from another deck of cards that has been in plain sight during the entire procedure. Comes complete with 3 special JUMBO Bicycle backed cards and instruction sheet.


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I Knew It All The Time by Paul Green n

I Knew It All The Time by Paul Green n

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