Blood Kings V2 by Madison & McKinnon

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Blood Kings: only in death can they live forever!
Blood Kings by Daniel Madison & Peter McKinnon are the last in the Kings series of playing cards.
Stacked in mnemonica straight out of the box, these cards ooze sophistication from their warm, blood-red backs.
Some Kings like opulence, true Kings prefer power.
The sides read "Live Like Kings - Die Like Kings": a nod to the previous best-selling versions and a final goodbye from this influential series. 
The Angle Z Gaff is dead, but the double-backer lives on.
Instead, there is a duplicate Queen of Hearts in each deck that sits proudly on top of your stack. Behind every great King, is a powerful Queen.
• Ellusionist quality.
• The cards are poker size.


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Blood Kings V2 by Madison & McKinnon

Blood Kings V2 by Madison & McKinnon

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