Προσφορά Bauta (With 2 CDs, Ltd Edition) By Scott Grossberg and Leaping Lizards Publishing - Book Μεγαλύτερη προβολή

Bauta (With 2 CDs, Ltd Edition) By Scott Grossberg and Leaping Lizards Publishing - Book

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Betraying the Face of Illusion 

Imagine, as a psychic entertainer or mentalist, being able to give precise and eerily accurate "readings" to people throughout your performances. Imagine, as you perform an effect, noticing a person's hands, and giving them an on-the-spot reading that is based on solid principles rather than cold reading ruses. Imagine, as a mystery performer, being able to offer "readings" as an adjunct to your stage performances. 

In this book, Scott delivers some tools that will dramatically and successfully change your Tarot readings, palm readings, personality analyses, and mentalism performances, in general. Scott uses some of these same techniques in his "Thinking Magically" seminars because the concepts you will be learning go far beyond the confines of a mere performance. 

These tools have been used in corporate boardrooms, university classrooms, on cruise ships, and around the world. They are also written about in his book "The Mask of Tarot" which is being released for the new age public, This can help give YOU as a reader/performer as much credibility as possible. The principles presented here are new for the Tarot community and you can instantly refer the curious to popular booksellers, like Amazon, and, in so doing, your clients can learn just a little more about your cutting-edge skills, but not, of course, the secrets found behind THIS mask. 

The basic Hiding Places system is a diabolically clever technique where the client provides you with all the real information. That is why we say it turns Cold Reading into Hot Reading, where you are literally handed all the inside info by your client! 

This unique book offers many Special Bonuses for purchasers. The original purchaser of this book is eligible to purchase Scott's book "The Mask of Tarot." Directly from the publisher while supplies last, to be used for Back Of Room sales, and/or as a text should you wish to teach the basics of how you will read for those you entertain. This first edition is limited to 500 copies, signed and numbered. It includes several worksheets that you can use in readings and when teaching. It includes Scott's "Pocket Palm Reader" camera ready art work; this is a hand out and tic sheet that can be used as a fast reference for palm reading or simply allow your audience to follow along when doing group readings. This book also includes 2 Audio Cd's!

CD 1 discusses memory queues to make the learning of this sophisticated material easier. There is discussion of the background of the Hiding Places system. Scott begins by setting up some mutual outcomes for the cds and where you will go throughout them. There is much more expansion of ideas only touched on in the text and includes a mini Tarot workshop which teaches exactly how Scott uses this system. Scott also explores how the technique can be used with palmistry, personality profiles, ESP symbols and much more! Scott goes into detail on the "alchemy of human needs" from the book and discusses using these systems in group readings settings.

CD 2 goes deeper into the actual process of doing a reading and has several demo readings. You will learn about using the techniques in group readings, small sessions, corporate lectures and more. Scott touches on using an Internal Tarot system, doing readings without using a real deck. This recording goes into detailed discussion and exploration of the sample readings from the book. Palm Reading is discussed as it relates to the Hiding Places system. Scott talks about his Pocket Palm Reader TM , the artwork for which is provided as a free bonus with this book. For those who prefer to do things other than Palms, Tarot or the like, Scott offers a system of ESP Symbol Readings that also flows seamlessly into the rest of the Bauta concept.

So- you receive: The Signed, numbered, hard cover, dust jacketed, 180+ page book. 2 audio Cd's featuring the author teaching you further details on the techniques, special secrets and sample readings to help you learn. Purchase rights for Scott's publicly released Tarot book to be used for back of room sales. Art work and reproduction rights for Scott's Pocket Palm Reader (For your personal use). This is a system that can and WILL make you money and help you improve your skills many times over. It is not a free ride, or a gimmick that you will use "with no skill 5 minutes after reading" and the work you put in to it WILL be worth it!

I will end with a small warning that this book is NOT for the beginning student. If you are fairly new to doing readings as part of your mentalism presentations, or are trying to learn "cold reading" this is not a good place to begin by itself. On another hand, in reading it I was struck that there ARE indeed many tools that I think all beginners SHOULD have and be exposed to, but if you are new I recommend getting some more basic texts in addition to this one. As your experience grows, you will find new layers of understanding unlock and illuminate within this text. I would consider this a college level equivalent text!

"For those who don't know my (Dean, the human who owns Leaping Lizards and helps the lizards with the typing.) background is extensively as a reader. Tarot, Palms, you name it. I don't often come across a book for psychic entertainers on the subject of readings that makes me go wow. This book made me go WOW! Please Make Sure You Read The Warning!

Richard Webster, in his Foreword to this book, says "It's a wonderful feeling to start reading a book on a favorite subject and immediately know you're going to learn valuable information." I couldn't put it better. I also agree 100% that this book gave me that same experience!

Scott Grossberg, inventor of "Mindcast" and experienced performer and reader has written this master class with the unusual title, "Bauta." A bauta is mask worn in long gone days of Venice to disguise the identity, but allow one to socialize and frolic with freedom and total anonymity. A member of royalty could party bawdily with a peasant or a wash woman could bed a duke with total freedom. It was an equalizer in a way. Herein, Scott teaches you how to remove the masks of your client/spectators during a reading, quickly and easily." 


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Bauta (With 2 CDs, Ltd Edition) By Scott Grossberg and Leaping Lizards Publishing - Book

Bauta (With 2 CDs, Ltd Edition) By Scott Grossberg and Leaping Lizards Publishing - Book

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