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Larry Becker and Lee Earle's DOUBLE FEATURE

Larry Becker and Lee Earle's DOUBLE FEATURE

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The Century's 100 Classic Films

Flip through The Century's 100 Classic Films to show that
every page is different - each two-page spread lists details
of a classic film and an image of its lobby poster. Your
helpers slide bookmarks between pages to select three
completely different films.

Opening the book to those pages, they secretly select a
title, an actor, and an actress that they combine to make a
unique fantasy flick. An envelope that's been in plain sight
is opened and the contents shown & read aloud - just like at
the Academy Awards.

It is a 100% accurate prediction of the random choices made!
Can be repeated and the fantasy flick will be entirely

As a kicker, your helper can freely select from among the
thousands of production crew listed for all the films and
you can reveal every detail of that name too!

On This Day...

Ask a participant for his day and month of birth. When he
reads aloud from that day's entry in On This Day everyone
hears the unique events that took place on that date.

Another helper and a new birth date obviously yield entirely
different historical information. Then you ask a third
person merely to think of his birthday. Instantly you void
your impressions, writing the key phrases or sketching your
thoughts. He reads aloud the entry for that day of the year
- totally verifying your notations!

These books are packed with photos - all different - and
employ multiple methods to fool the wise guys. Plus, hidden
cues are incorporated into the back cover graphics for
trouble-free shows.

Book Dimensions

The Century's 100 Classic Films cover:
Approx. 5 1/4" x 7 3/8" (13cm x 19cm)

On This Day... cover:
Approx. 5 7/8" x 6 7/8" (15cm x 17cm)

Like Larry Becker and Lee Earle's other book tests, these
are beautifully made softcover books.  Both rely on the same
classic principle, which Lee refers to as the "Loose Deuce"
principle and which Larry and Lee have brilliantly brought
into the 21st century, thanks to new technology and cheaper
pricing.  When Lee mentioned this when he demonstrated it
for me at the recent Mindvention 2005, I immediately knew
what those improvements were and slapped my forehead with a
"Why-didn't-I-think-of-that?".  But, of course, Larry and
Lee did think of it.

The instructions are printed in the back of the back, so
you'll never lose them, and there is a "secret" site
mentioned in the classic film book instructions to download
the movie poster graphics for the revelation.  Also included
on the site is a streaming video that the website proclaims
has "tips and performance suggestions."  Don't believe it.
It actually has quite a more in that video than just that.
When Lee starts talking, he talks a lot and that's good.
Yes, tips and performance suggestions are included, but the
whopping 35 minute video incredibly also contains the
complete instructions and demonstrations by Lee!  You almost
don't even need to read the instructions.  Just turn to the
second page of the instructions (third page from the back)
in the classic film book, get the URL to the secret website
and watch.  It requires Windows Media Player version 9, but
Larry and Lee have provided a link to download this program
if you need it.  It would be nice if one could download that
video, but that's quibbling.

Let's discuss the specifics of each book as the two books
are clearly different.  The Century's 100 Classic Films is a
book that allows the mentalist to control participants to
select the elements to a fictitious film.  You can choose to
force one set of those elements or have one randomly
selected from elements that are under your control.  In
addition, there is an additional feature, which can be used
an out, in which the participant thinks of any of the crew
members and the mentalist reveals the name, letter by
letter.  Though this book can't be handled freely by the
participant, a bookmark is randomly dropped in so that the
participant can be handed the book to look at the place
marked.  But the book shouldn't be handled much longer than
that. It also has some wonderful built-in features to use as
checks so that you'll know everything proceding correctly. 
If not, Lee explains what to do (like using the additional

Unlike the other book, On This Day... is more of a psychic
reading.  The presentation involves picking up impressions
and images that have come from someone's past life.  Like
the other book, this one can't be handled freely by the
participant and a bookmark is randomly dropped in so that
the participant can be handed the book to look at the place
marked.  The book features a clever crib for this reading on
the back of this book.  Unfortunately, the reading is forced
and therefore this can not be repeated.  This is a drawback,
but then this is not the type of item you'd use for actual
readings.  You'd use it in a stage performance.

These books are indeed beautiful and ingenious and they lend
themselves to routines that are refreshingly unique.  Larry
and Lee spent a good year creating the believable text and
compiling the quality graphics that are on every page of
these books.  And it shows.  So it'll be obvious to anyone
looking through these gorgeous books that a lot of time and
energy was put into these and that it's worth every penny of
the price which, at first glance, appears high. Needless to
say, if you like book tests, or are looking for a unique
book test, this product is definitely recommended.


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