Jumbo Playing Cards - Split Μεγαλύτερη προβολή

Jumbo Playing Cards - Split

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Finally on sale a jumbo playing cards deck, perfect for performing the "Split deck" also on stage. Its size is ideal: it is double a standard poker size deck, yet smaller than a classic jumbo deck.
The magician shows a deck cut diagonally. Spreading the two halves of the deck on the table it shows how the cards are completely different.
The cards are turned over on the back and two spectators are asked to choose each half card from the deck in front of them. The two half-cards are drawn closer and it is shown how the backs match perfectly.
Magically when the magician turns the two halves also the faces coincide, forming a whole card.
• Cards are cm 9,5 x 14,5 (about in. 4 x 6).


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Jumbo Playing Cards - Split

Jumbo Playing Cards - Split

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