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Van Gogh Playing Cards - Sunflowers Borderless

Van Gogh Playing Cards - Sunflowers Borderless

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Many of the decks that magicians, cardists, and card players use tend to have simple/clean designs; but there has been new category decks emerging which focuses on using playing cards as a canvas for printing beautiful artwork.

This deck is a perfect example. The Van Gogh playing cards take some of the most famous paintings in the world and bring them to the palms of your hands.

Vincent Willem van Gogh (March 30, 1853 - July 29, 1890), who graduated from Tilburg University, is a Dutch post-impressionist painter and a pioneer of expressionism. He was enthusiastic about rural scenes and often painted this motive with natural compassion for the suffering. His works are an outstanding contribution to the world of art and significantly influenced the later generations.

The Van Gogh Playing Cards are manufactured by The United States Playing Card Company on their premium casino stock.


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