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Ghost Ink by Red Dragon

Ghost Ink by Red Dragon

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The magician asks a spectator to pick a card from a deck and sign it. The card is then lost inside the deck. Now the magician draws with a marker, a black line on the back of the card at the top of the deck. A magic gesture, and the newly designed line visibly disappears! By looking through the cards it will be seen that the line magically has transferred to one card in the middle of the deck ... On the spectator’s signed card!
A stunning effect!
• The ingenious gimmick is created with Bicycle cards.
• For increased visibility of the black line, the gimmick is supplied with a red back.
• A link is provided with detailed Red Dragon video instructions. The instructions are in Italian, but thanks to the video, the working of the trick will be clear even if you do not understand Italian.


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