Legacy Shadow Masters v2

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"A few years ago, the United States Playing Card Co. reached out to us to let us know their legal team was locking down their 'Rider Back' artwork.
No gaffing, no staining, no shadows, fades or alterations of any kind.
In legal terms, if you allow an inch, you're giving a mile. USPCC didn't want to allow the smallest alteration to the design, so they could fight fraudulent infringements on their Rider-back design overseas.
Their position: It makes it much easier to prove it's a fake if you don't allow ANY tweaks to your artwork at all.
We understood but were crushed.

For over a decade our Shadow Masters was the best-selling deck, year after year. One of the untouchables.
We decided to pool our available cash and stock-up. We ordered as many as we could afford and prolonged the moment of loss for as long as possible.

3 years ago we took delivery of this; Legacy Shadow Masters v2. An accessible, usable, everyday deck that was meant for the hands more than the [collectors] shelf. 
No foiling, no embossing - just the essence and substance of our best-selling deck of all time.
Only to be unleashed when all other Shadow Masters cards were officially gone.

Today is that day. The last remaining version of Bicycle Shadow 


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Legacy Shadow Masters v2

Legacy Shadow Masters v2

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