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Medusa Playing Cards (ΣΗΜΑΔΕΜΕΝΗ)

Medusa Playing Cards (ΣΗΜΑΔΕΜΕΝΗ) 7 marking systems

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Medusa Playing Cards is not just a deck, it is a powerful tool for magicians and mentalists. The deck comes in Mnemonica Stack right out of the box, the cards are marked in seven different ways that have been incorporated perfectly into the design in order to be invisible to the spectator s eyes. This is the Holy Grail of magic. 

General features:
Mnemonica Stack right out of the box.
7 different marking systems.
Completely custom.
True linen B9 finish.
Printed by Cartamundi.
2 identical Jokers.
1 double face card.
8 of Spades duplicate.
Gold seal.
When purchasing the Medusa Playing Cards, you will also receive an instruction card with a link and password to see a PDF. This reveals the markings and a video explanation of many possible routines with this deck made by Antonio Cacace.
As we mentioned, the Medusa Playing Cards has seven marking systems that work in Mnemonica Stack, the stack introduced by Juan Tamariz, and the one most popular among magicians. 

Marking systems features:
The deck is marked for value and suit.
Each back also tells you what the previous card was.


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