Tenyo T-178 Krazy keys Lubor Fiedler 1996 - ΣΥΛΛΕΚΤΙΚΟ

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Tenyo T-178 Krazy keys
Lubor Fiedler

Examinable : Possible

Rarity : ★★☆☆☆☆ 
Effect : 9/10
Design : 8/10
Quality and finish : Good / Bonne

Discontinued / Production terminée 

The Magical Locksmith...Using a new and absolutely astonishing magic principle, you apparently can "cut" new keys from blank stock, and turn cut keys back into blanks, simply by rubbing your fingers over the solid objects. At the end of the demonstration, you can even hand the keys out for examination and there is nothing to find! Krazy Keys represents a breakthrough in close-up magic, a deceptive piece of illusion you will be proud to own and perform.

This trick is a true success, It's just perfect. The idea, routine, equipment, everything is very cleverly thoughtThe only slight disappointment is that white plastic keys are not very realistic, but you can explain that this is a prototypes and create a good story that goes with this idea. I would also want to use the carrying case during my performance. but unfortunatelythis is not possible because it visibly contains the 4 keys and not only the three used in the routine. I would have liked if that Tenyo find a system to hide this 4th key in the box. WithKrazy Keys, Lubor proves once more his incredible talent when it comes to inventing novel magic tricks using completely incredible and amazing ideasOne more miracle ! 

Development story:
After the global success of Invisible Zone, the close cooperation between the genius Lubor Fieldler and Tenyo's development staff has continued in 1996 and 1997. In february 1996, Tenyo magic inventor Hiroshi Kondo and Toru Suzuki met again with Lubor in New York, thanks to arrangement made by Mr Mark Setteducati, their mutual friend. Kondo and Suzuki were introduced to more than ten new works Lubor had created over the last year. For any accomplished magician, there is perhaps no greater pleasure than to encounter a trick that cannot be figured out, no matter how many times it is viewed. The two tenyo inventors were thus treated to the ultimate experience, it was almost as though they were King Shahriyar of Persia, enraptured by the tales Scheherazade. One of the extraordinary things that Lubor showed off that day was a miraculous key. When rubbed between his fingers, serrations would appear out of nowhere. The staff at Tenyo spent over half a year working on this idea, developing and refining it. They completed their work in autumn 1996, and the finished product was a hit at Tenyo's convention, ranking number on in sales.

About creator:
Lubor Fiedler, whose real name Lubowit Fiedler was born in Brno in 1933. Lubor worked for 7 years in a research institute for plastic and 4 years in a chemical factory. Then Lubor left his native Czechoslovakia during the Prague Spring, and settled in Austria where he lived for 33 years as a professional magician and inventor of magic tricks, which he sold worldwide
 and . It quickly became the darling of German magicians because of his incredible ability to invent wacky tricks. His fame reached the U.S.A and even Japan. There are many magic tricks for sale worldwide germinated in the mind of this creative genius inventor. Now Lubor is living once again in his mother country - Czech Republic. 

Some of its effects that have been around the world:
- La Gozinha Box (The big box that fits in the small).
- Time elements (You can guess what the cylinder is a match).
The Roentgen box (where the gimmick literally evaporates in air).
- Invisible Zone (Tenyo) (where the center of a pen becomes invisible. This trick was one of the best-selling Tenyo)
- Reality Twister (Magic trick resulting from the active complicity with Paul Harris. There is also the center of a pen disappear before reappearing completely twisted).

Pictured below you can see Fiedler in Tenyo Technical Service, in Tokyo, where he often goes to put the finishing touches to his creations.


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Tenyo T-178 Krazy keys Lubor Fiedler 1996 - ΣΥΛΛΕΚΤΙΚΟ

Tenyo T-178 Krazy keys Lubor Fiedler 1996 - ΣΥΛΛΕΚΤΙΚΟ

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