Tenyo T-190 Bioshock Kenichi Komiya 1999 - ΣΥΛΛΕΚΤΙΚΟ

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Tenyo T-190 Bioshock
Kenichi Komiya

Examinable : No / Non
Rarity : ★★
Result of the visitors' rating / Résultat du sondage:
Effect : 15/20
Design : 14/20
Quality and finish : Good / Bonne

Discontinued / Production terminée 

A card stand, covered whit cloth, is placed on top of your fingers. you insert a card into the opening in the card stand, and cut straight through your fingers. The card is removed, and your grab your fingertips whit you other hand. You thenproceed to lift all four fingers up and away from you hand! In this shocking effect, you cut off all four of your finger. you real hand is clearly visible on both sides of the cloth, and the amazing sight will surprise you. this is a unique gimmick which has never appeared before. You will enjoy preforming this effect.

Basically I was not very convinced by this trick... but the very first time I have performed Bioshock this was a real shock to my audience and they absolutly loved it. As stated in the instruction, the magician who do this trick can not really realize the impact on the audienceand it was true. Nevertheless it will be necessary to train a lot in front of a mirror in order to control the movements perfectly like in the video below. BioShock is something different, a curiosity imagined by Kenichi Komiya wich is a really good surprise! A trick to buy before it becomes difficult to find.

Development story:

Anybody who has learned even a little about magic probably knows the old 'removing the thumb' trick, in which you apparently pull off the tip of your thumb using your other hand. That trick doesn't require any special gaffs, as it relies solely on the structure of human fingers. There have been numerous magic effects that use body parts, such as fingers, arms and legs, to produce impossible demonstrations of manipulation. Shinko Nagisa's "Twisting Arm Illusion," in which the magician twists his hand 360 degrees at the wrist, is one example of this type of magic. By adding a small gimmick, more effects become possible that are even more amazing. One well-known example of this is Kevin James' disembodied hand illusion in which a severed hand moves as if it were alive. Another example is Steve Fearson's sensational routine in which he visually cuts his own body in half. "Bio Shock" is a close-up magic trick that falls into this same category. In this shocking effect, the magician appears to cut off, and visually remove his fingers.

There are at least two different versions of Bioshock available where the fabric color of the cloth is either gray or beige.


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Tenyo T-190 Bioshock Kenichi Komiya 1999 - ΣΥΛΛΕΚΤΙΚΟ

Tenyo T-190 Bioshock Kenichi Komiya 1999 - ΣΥΛΛΕΚΤΙΚΟ

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