The Gordon Diary Trick Lite

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If top pros use a diary trick and extol its virtues, then shouldn't you you be using it, too? The Gordon Diary Trick is a powerful and portable mentalism miracle, and better yet, this self-contained package doesn't require any memory work!

The spectator shuffles a deck and names a calendar date. He then cuts the cards. When he looks up his date in a special diary, under that date is the name of the cut-to card. 


"A diary trick like this has an endless array of ways to use it. Birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions. It allows you to make the trick personal to your spectator. The book is nicely produced, I have been used to using a larger book with all of the cards hand written on the dates. This is really superior and should be purchased even if you already do the trick from the book. . This size is perfect for a shirt pocket and having the names of the card actually printed makes you seem all the more professional." -The Magic Portal, Reviewer

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**Please note this is the Lite version. It comes with the DVD and Crib ONLY and does NOT include the printed diary. The Lite version is perfect for anyone who would like to make their own diary in any language. 

The Gordon Diary Trick is, in our opinion, the best diary effect ever. The great news is you can perform it with absolutely no memory work at all! 


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The Gordon Diary Trick Lite

The Gordon Diary Trick Lite

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