Bird Whistle (5 Pack)

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Bird Whistle

The Bird Whistle

Imitate Bird Sounds with this Amazing Instrument!

Imitate the beautiful sounds of the blackbird, the nightingale,
the canary, the sparrow, or.. just make any sound you like!

Amazing instrument since 80 years

This amazing instrument is fascinating the world for almost a century! Developed over the years to perfection, it is the most advanced mouth whistle on the market today. Durable quality materials make the white 'body' of the bird whistle very durable like leather, while being soft in the mouth.

Easy to work for children and adults

You don't need to be able to whistle; if you can say "cheese", then you can make the bird whistle work. Put it on the tip of your tongue with the round, white, jagged side backwards, and your bird whistle will sing when you blow & pronounce sounds like TSH..Chips, Cheese, or Chocolate!

Top Quality, re-usable again & again

If you have enough of the fun for the day, just dry the bird whistle in fresh air before you put it back in the package, so you can use it again any time you want. Just put the bird whistle back in your mouth, wet it for a minute, and there you go again! With some care you have endless whistling fun!

With the round side first, place whistle white side up on your tongue.
Keep in mouth at least 2 minutes so it will become soft enough to stick to the roof of the mouth.
Start by making “S” sounds using words like: “Snake, shampoo, shopping”

Bird Whistle (5 Pack)


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Bird Whistle (5 Pack)

Bird Whistle (5 Pack)

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