Madison Hellions Playing Cards

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“In the Beginning… When Blaine released his Gatorbacks, he inspired an idea in me that would eventually become something more powerful than I could have ever imagined… The Madison Hellions.
Charm is Deceptive. I believe that art its most beautiful state when it has nothing to hide, and I have always applied this idea through minimal and simple designs. 
But there was something in me that could only find a way out through intricacy and incredible detail.
Good Intentions. I opened up to Oban Jones about the idea, and with his help, the Hellions came alive.
I put my heart, soul, and art into everything that I do, and I am proud that this can be seen in this deck.
These are so much more than playing card to me. I am Daniel Madison, and these are the Madison Hellions!”
• Ellusionist quality.
• The cards are poker size.


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Madison Hellions Playing Cards

Madison Hellions Playing Cards

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